Hey there,

Welcome to my personal blog and thanks for reading this. I’m Giulio Mazzanti, a ~20 years old Italian Human currently mainly being an undergraduate student.

I’m enrolled in “Bachelor of Economics, Management & Computer Science” at Bocconi’s University in Milan. I am also a Web Developer for Students For Liberty and a Researcher for BHB Network – BlockchainLab.

Tech enthusiast, politically Libertarian, developer & nerd.

Semi-pathologically contrarian. I’m scared of the Dunning-Kruger effect. I think I am an honest person focusing on moral-reciprocity (ISTP-A). I’m trying to refine my emotional intelligence skills (if I’m hurting you, tell me).

You can find me on Keybase (for Facebook, Twitter, Github, Reddit profiles, Bitcoin address & PGP key) and on LinkedIn. My public email is public@giuliomazzanti.com (It uses ProtonMail).

What is the blog for?

I’ll be writing my thoughts on topics related to Economics, Philosophy, Game-Theory, Bitcoin/Blockchain, Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics, +others, only if I consider them original.

There is no schedule for the articles and I will not be posting regularly.

I don’t expect anyone to read my blog as it should also work as a personal exercise to organize my thoughts and keep my writing skills on a decent level.

Random names of famous people/books that I appreciate

Richard Feynman. Smarter Than You Think (Clive Thompson). Jeffrey Deaver. Milton Friedman. Ludwig Von Mises. Friedrich Von Hayek. Alonzo Church. Niels Bohr. Richard Stallman. Donald Knuth. Ronald Coase. Ayn Rand. Carl Friedrich Gauss. Bernhard Riemann. Thomas Jefferson. Hans Rosling.


You can have it, if you send me yours (or if you just tell me about yourself) to the email above. Consider this to be a long-term social experiment which incidentally partially protects my privacy.